Why Journalism?

I am often known by friends and family as a caring or a curious person because I am always in the mood to discover the events that are happening around me. This is at the heart of the reason why I am studying journalism and to eventually reach a professional point where I get to offer my voice to the many that can help to tell the stories of others and to influence people’s thinking. Many years ago I heard of the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”. I have always had an eagerness and passion for writing articles that would allow me to express my views and inspire others.

I want to change the society’s perceptions with my words and be understood by the reader.

I have studied BTEC Media Level 3 Extended Diploma. The course taught me a lot about working in production and what it’s like to work in the media industry. By the first year I gained a lot of experience, I learnt how to make a 3 minute documentary and a radio documentary. I also gained a certificate in the photography course. I have also performed major roles in a four camera HD television studio, including vision mixing, camera and floor managing. I have produced profiles, performances and interviews with clients from the music business. I have enjoyed the challenge of working in a production team, responding to a real client, and using my skills to produce a real media product. Working this way boosted my confidence levels and I wanted to study Media in depth and gain more skills in research and or to become a future producer.

Journalism is all about passion, passion to write and be heard. I want words to travel and to influence. I believe that I have a voice worth hearing through my blog.

Feel free to leave me advice and kind words on what you like about my blog!

Much appreciated. XO



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