Why are hair extensions becoming a trend in Blackburn?

A mixed range of minorities get their hair extensions weaved in regularly. Hair weaving is becoming a trend for women who want to pursue an easier way of achieving longer hair and a dramatic look.

A hair weaving expert called Tania who is a volunteer worker at the House Of Trend in Blackburn is passionate about what she does. She started to practice hair weaving on dolls from the age of 11. Tania said: “When I started to learn more and more people started to ask me to braid their hair and sow hair extensions in their hair.”

What is hair extensions?

There are different types of hair extensions however hair weaving is when a braid is done and the chosen hair extensions are sown onto the track. Tania said: “Even women who have long black beautiful hair still want to get hair extensions weaved in because they want to add more volume to it.”

The House Of Trend in Blackburn specialises in hair wigs of all types and women from different ethnicities get their hair weaved every so often. Women request the desired look of Cheryl Cole‘s hair or any other celebrity artist’s hair weaves which then can become obsessive and can be expensive as women spend over £300 every 2 months.

Medical reasons

Hair extensions can also be done for medical reasons such as for having hair loss, thin hair, cancertrichotillomania, stressing or generally not wanting to apply heat products. She said: “Hair loss is a problem in men and women that is the main reason why they get hair extensions.”

Diverse Culture

Not knowing where they are supplied from Tania said:  “The hair can be from anywhere in the world. It is a culture in India that women shave their hair off and sell it. In our African culture girls cut their hair until they are done with school, the culture here is different.” Hair braiding is a great business that everyone is interested in. The House Of Trend is a place that transforms hair of all types. Women of any ethnicity come to the House Of Trend for a variety of reasons such as, being bored of their current hairstyle and wanting to try out different hairstyles or get hair extensions.

Some women just want a change of hair extensions to either add volume to their hair or add highlighted colour. It is becoming an addiction, Tania said: “It’s like some women cannot even stay a day without putting their clips on.”

Hair weaving is a safe experience for all women with all hair types. At the House Of Trend, Tania advice’s her customers on how to take care of their hair extensions. Tania said: “The reason why it’s becoming a trend in Blackburn for any culture to get their hair extensions done is, when girls of different minorities come in and talk about it.  It’s just something everybody is interested in.”


Tania braiding in hair extensions

Tania braiding in hair extensions



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