We Love Girly Things.

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Above are the products that I have purchased so far within the 2014 year. And have been using them daily and I highly recommend them all. It has been a great year to purchase some amazing items, as always!. I have spoilt myself and been spoiled by others!

Below are where the products were purchased from:

1. Naked Palette 3, Urban Decay Foundation, Urban Decay Eye shadow primer, NYC Nail Polish: Shade 246, NYC Nail Polish: Shade 226, Iphone 5 Case : ROXY & Sunglasses purchased from Dorothy Perkins.

2. Debhanams- Red Herring, (Dark Peach) Sandals. These shoes are a must! They are so comfortable and can be worn for a casual wear.

3. Yellow Handbag, This bag was a present so I actually don’t know where it was purchased from! Sorry!

4, Next Shoes: White Lace

5. Eyeliner: Maybelline, (Chrome Black )This eyeliner does what it says. It is ever lasting  and will stay on only if your skin isn’t oily!.

6. Jacket: Shout

7. NYX Lipstick: Shade Angel DA33.

8. Eylure Eyelashes

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. Stay updated for more, Tell me what your favorite products are so far? Something you have disliked or liked so much that you cannot get enough of it!






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