The secret to my long locks.


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My hair

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Underneath wearing a hijaab (headscarf) I always get questions asked such as how I look after my hair and how I manage to grow it healthily without cutting it. These are simple ways of how I take care of my hair with having to wear a head scarf for most of the day.

In a girl’s life hair is beauty that brings out the real in women. Our hair needs our care and attention just like eating healthily and loosing weight. Hair thinning is a very common problem, take care of your hair by not to washing it with really warm water. Washing your hair with warm water can cause your hair to become dryer than normal.

Hair oils are much needed as it is a cheap and easy hair treatment that can be done at home. I know a variety of girls who oil their hair regularly. This could also help your dry and flaky scalp to look a shiny and feel smooth.

Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, argan oil and mustard oil. All of these oils should be mixed together and I can promise you it will be a good help for your hair to gain its strength back after being stripped, heated upon, washing so often and not looking after it. Massage these oils onto your scalp as massaging helps the circulation and the growth of the hair.

Having long hair I avoid wearing hair extensions as clipping hair extensions on to your hair can make your hair loose its strength. Try to leave your hair in a natural way and don’t avoid to straight, curl or perm it’s a big NO! Even if you want to use heated appliances make sure to use heat protection spray without harsh chemicals. I recommend; Tresemme heat protection spray or GHD.

Multi vitamins is the answer to make your hair stronger so check from your local pharmacy or consult from your GP before taking any Multi vitamins. I manage to get my hair styled regularly every so often approximately 1-3 months by having a trim to make my hair grow faster.  Although I do get my hair dyed professionally however I consult my hair dressers and never allow them to bleach and strip my hair. If you do get your hair colored or highlighted be sure to keep oiling your hair for the next 6 weeks as well as using a suitable colour shampoo.

The shampoo I have been using for 3 years is Tresemme, Salon silk as I find this is best to keeping my hair tamed and moist. Conditioning is very important to keep a glamorous shiny look flowing and to get rid of the dry texture. I normally leave my conditioner on for 20-30 mins. I have also been trying the baby conditioner. I know what you are thinking baby conditioner it’s for babies it is the best way that my hair doesn’t get knotted up and is much easier when I brush my hair.


Any questions? Tell me how you look after your hair? Tell me what you avoid doing to your hair.





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