NHS health visitor deals with child abuse.

50,732 children in the UK have been on the child protection registers or have been the subject of the child protection plans in 2013.

A health visitor who works in the department of health services in the North West deals with children & families of all ages. The health visiting service is a front line service which consists of a variety of different issues.Health visitor’s job is to provide support to the families, in the best and most appropriate way possible. Their job can involve them from helping families and children to keeping them protected from being harmed, abused and violence occurring towards them.

She said: “The five main types of abuse are: child abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and child being neglected.”

She continued: “Alcohol and drug abuse, which is a growing problem and also untreated mental illness can lead on to child abuse, along with the lack of parenting skills, stress and lack of support, which all again can lead on to this problem of child abuse.”

Child abuse and violence is being treated by different members of the NHSdepartment all over the country. However NHS works mainly with the police and the social services. “The NHS only gets other organisations involved when a matter is very serious. “When a child is reported to be in a bad circumstance, health visitors have to firstlyreport the matter to their line manager. The police and the social services are involved when the issues cannot be resolved by the NHS.

If a health visitor of any other practitioner is worried about the well being of the child or how the child is progressing, “It is the member of staff’s responsibility to discuss any given concerns with their line manager and take the action according to the given situation.”



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