Recent Purchases Review: Drugstore Make-up Haul

This blog post is a review of 4 high street end products that I have recently bought and tried out. Some I have even purchased again! 


Rimmel is available accross the country.

The shade I have is in silky beige 005.

I have a major love for the Rimmel products, from lipsticks to mascaras, foundation to lip balms and pressed powder. The products are a great value and does last long. From a personal experience their products do please me and so does their price.

Apply this powder over any foundation and it will last you up till 3-4  hours. I have tried it with many drugstore liquid  foundations and it works well with most of the products that are not from the same brand as Rimmel.  I purchased mine from boots.

The product is smooth to apply on and if you don’t want your foundation to slip off you definitely need this. Especially if you have an oily skin type this will work well. It’s matte means no shine or shimmer on your face. It gives great coverage, its light weight and sometimes you don’t need to touch up if you don’t have time to re apply. This may sound weird to you but it does smell nice.

The plastic packaging is also at its best but it won’t go down well inside your makeup bag. 

You can wear the powder with a suitable makeup brush or a sponge.

I find the sponge so far works the best as it gets the product on without it going all over your hands. I find using the makeup brush it causes the powder to waste. Although my skin is fair I always go two shades higher in face products. Don’t want to look like a ghost and scare away the little children, do we?

To buy or not to buy?

Yes. Again and again. 

  • Lasts up till 3-4 hours.
  • Doesn’t make my skin look oily or cakey.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Smells FAB!


I’d say for a drugstore product this is highly pigmented even for the shade light. I know someone who has purchased it in the shade-fair and even when she applies a little bit  for an olive skin tone it shows up on her skin very well.

No applicator included. 

Using your makeup brush you only need to use the bronzer- matte (no shimmer) once for the contouring area, then apply the highlighter in appropriate places depending on your face shape & top it off with the blusher. Voila! To touch up you just need to apply blusher.

Again for the price value it provides you with the highlighting and the blush within the same palette so no need to purchase other palettes twice ! I use this almost every day or whenever I am going out. It blends in very easily on my light skin. I have no issues with break outs or worry about looking cakey. It looks so natural and your unable to tell whether you have contouring.

To buy or not to buy?


  • Shows up highly pigmented.
  • Matte Finish.
  • Includes bronzer, highlighter and blush in the same palette for the price.
  • Secure packaging to fit well in a makeup back. 

Tip: Before purchasing any type of makeup product from a high street shop be sure to check the product isn’t used or the packaging isn’t opened.


The lipstick lid is a tight so it won’t be falling off in your handbag or on your vanity. What I really dislike twisting the lipstick up its quiet stubborn and you have to be careful to twist it fully back down as it can get messy when putting the lid back on.

The Thoughts.

It’s my first Revlon lip butter and it is YUM! Don’t worry I didn’t eat it. But what I mean is it is excellent for the price of it. It keeps your lips moist and shiny. It doesn’t clump up. I normally wear Matte lipsticks and sometimes it can dry your lips out so it’s better to keep switching back and forth. The lip butters contain products without the smell. I reckon it’s in between a lip balm and lipstick. It does live up to its name.  

The colour is great to wear on a daily basis. Staying in the neutral tones it’s great for a night out with dramatic eyes. you do need to reapply and touch up as you would normally do.

The package is great the lid fits on tightly so you wont be losing the lipstick in your make up bag and doesn’t give out a tacky look. The lids do match the lip colour however it varies when its applied on.

To buy or not to buy?

Yes, although I have just used this once or twice and I really like it so far. 

  • Doesn’t smell of harsh chemicals
  • Moists dry lips as well as good use of lipstick
  • Easy to mix in with other shades of lipsticks
  • Doesn’t clump up. 


The product was purchased from their shop in Trafford Centre although I know the make up is sold in Super drugs.

The style of the palette attracted me as its bright red and an adorable girly packaging. It comes with a built in mirror. Easy to use if you are travelling. 

No applicator is included.

The 32 shades are fun to use which includes shades from matte, stain and shimmer.

The eye shadows itself are very soft and easy to apply all over on to the eyelids. however as the product i soft your palette will eventually turn really messy. Just depends on how well you keep it.

However, I noticed you have to build up how many times you apply the shade, the better. It stands out much better if you use the urban decay eye shadow primer or any other eyeshadow primer. This will help to stick the product on.

A great gift piece to give to your girlfriends or any other family member. 

To buy or not to buy?

Probably not. As i have tried it and would want to try out different eye shadow palettes from Accessorize.

  • Have to apply shade on more than 3 times.
  • Creases up for me at time without the use of primer. 

The products I have listed above are a great use on a daily basis and especially who don’t know what to buy.


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