“Price Of Freedom.”


Price of Freedom, a book wrote by a teenager, Zarqa Khavas, Blackburn at the age of 12.
A sweet laugh passed through the books at the local library by Zarqa Khavas as she told me she didn’t expect to be interviewed.
Zarqa’s has two sisters and her mum who she lives. The fluent multi- lingual speaker wants to become a marriage and divorce lawyer in the future.
Price of freedom is based on a true story about her friend (a name that cannot be mentioned) who got exploited by a grown man. When the incident occurred to her friend, Zarqa use to listen to her pain of her friend going into the details of what had happened to her. Khavas started to write bits down when her friend visited her at home quite regularly. She said “I was shaken up inside because deep down I knew I was told at a young age.”
A real life story of her friend who was abused and taken advantage by a man struggled to cope and almost felt as though she was born not to be happy. “My friend was exploited by a man and in reality he is walking free. But I tried my best to keep her happy.”
She continued: “However the price of freedom tells the readers about how my character, Parisa will step up and take her revenge against him.”
Zarqa, guaranteed her readers that it wasn’t a spoiler. She said: “The Price of Freedom is about a girl who comes from different country and the experiences are written in the book are from the characters own point of view.”
She tells me that it’s just not something that has happened to her friend but the point of the book is to draw attention to the dangerous predators out in the world. The book will create a relaxing atmosphere with a combination of mixed feelings that will create a suspenseful image about the character, Parisa.
Zarqa said: “It took a year and a half to write, get edited and published.” She laughed “But I am not sure whether I have any fans yet.” The full support for the Price of freedom and funding was provided to her by an organisation called CAPNW for writing and publishing the book.
Price of freedom is still being sold on amazon, other online websites and also by herself individually. The book is a mixture of a non-fiction that she’s combined it by giving the book a fiction ending.
Khavas said: “I gave my character a happy ending because she at least deserved it in fantasy as she couldn’t get it reality.”
The book which is targeted towards any Khavas said: “It’s an advice book and a lesson for young girls and for all ages as it’s a lesson on how to be careful so bad people don’t take advantage of you.”
She continued: “It is mainly for younger girls and to make them aware of paedophiles and to take precautions.”
Spending her time mostly reading Tahereh Mafi’s books is the cup of tea to Khavas’s day as she is her favourite author. The young writer who is an immense fan of Shakespeare, enjoys to meet up with her friends and going to the Mall, Blackburn to shop and prefers to listen to any genre of music.
Even though being busy with school she has already planned out her next book. Khavas laughed and said: “I can’t reveal too much about it.” she briefly mentioned that she is developing the character to be written through a blind person’s point of view.
Advice for other aspiring writers by the 15 year old writer is to have confidence and that anyone can write. The teenager said: “No talent is needed. I didn’t expect it to be already published. ”
Khavas said: “The best way anyone can write is by believing in yourself.”



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