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Vision Board

Vision Board

Vision Board

Have free time? Why not consider yourself to make a vision board?

3 years ago I entered a competition by making a vision board. In that vision board I achieved mostly everything that I personally created by magazine cutouts. And I started doing this every year as new year means new resolutions it’s just something to look forward to really.  However by the end of this post I may have persuaded you to create a vision board maybe online or personally done.

I wouldn’t call a vision board a dream board. But always remember:

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs. – Tony Gaskins

With all the new year resolutions and changes you are willing to make through out the year can be put onto a vision board. There’s no need to mess about to create your vision board.

 Why not do this by signing up onto:

Your vision board is your own way to easily plan out your future as it gives you an insight to what you would like to accomplish within the year.

 Your vision board should consist of 3 things:
  • Like
  • Want
  • Avoid

It can be to loose weight or to avoid junk food you could just make a vision board to keep your self motivated. The vision board is another way to feel happy or create a simple fun lifestyle!


At the end of the year you can maybe look back at what achievements you have made. Whatever you have achieved will be the reason for your happiness and whatever you have not achieved you can make sure to try to achieve it the following year.


What does education mean in today’s society?

Finding out in the city of Preston whether or not education means something and not just being famous. What does success mean in today’s society when TV shows like I Am A Celebrity, Made in Chelsea and Only Way Is Essex expresses that being famous is the only way of achieving in life?

Sara Patel aged 17 a student at Preston College said: “My opinion is that being famous is the route to success as you are in a way getting paid to be famous”

Tom Joyce, 19: “I am paying tuition loans to study at university where as reality TV is only entertainment based and is less of a struggle. I wouldn’t mind being famous.”

Jasmin Hussain, 24 an assistant teacher, Blackburn said: “To me education is a way to success by learning through different routes.” She also added that: “Being famous means everything to the reality TV stars because that’s the only way people will get to know them. For example; Made in Chelsea you know who the stars are for example viewers wouldn’t have known who Lucy Watson is if you hadn’t watched made in Chelsea.”

30 year old Andrew Jonson, father of two said: “I don’t have time for these entertainment programmes as I am a full time taxi driver.”

Sophia Khan nail technician aged 27: “Education these days has no meaning it just means that they should provide entertainment.” She also added: “It is a good distraction after having a stressful day at work.”

Melissa Jones aged 14: “I watch these shows and think how do people open so much about their personal life on television and make it out like its entertainment.”

Mother of one, Karla Smith: “Too much fame and money can drive a person mad look what happened to Miley Cyrus. To me education is the way forward as there will be other reality TV but with education you can do anything.”

Kirsty Shaw said “If I had talent I would have defiantly considered going into Britain’s got Talent. However reality TV is a waste of time.”



The Power of Praying to the all Mighty Allah.

As I sit here in this cyber cafe there is a reason why I want to blog about praying. No matter what religion you believe in you Pray in different ways and forms. It can be at different worship places and there are different ways to Pray.

Being a young British Muslim girl I have understood the power of praying through reading religious books. However as part of the Muslim faith there are people who may and might only pray when they want something. My parents have always said and taught me: “If you only pray in the time of trouble then you are in trouble.” Makes perfect sense right? I believe to my personal experience prayer is more powerful than anything. You may not think that it is but even if you are an Atheist you must want to look up to someone and you probably asks question like what happens to me after I am cremated or buried?


There are so many ways how it can help and below are my reasons:

As a Muslim every so often I will visit the nearest Mosque whenever my heart wants attention I turn towards a beautiful worship place. It is a place where all your problems seem so little and your heart will be at peace whilst praying at a Mosque.  Praying my Namaaz on a prayer mat and reciting beautiful Arabic Surahs is a peaceful feeling. Another formal routine for a Muslim is to recite the Holy Qur’an in Arabic. If you ever need guidance or as a Muslim you need any sorts of answers you can find your answers in the Quran. Yes you may think how can this be true. Well believe it or not the Qur’an has the answers to everything, from seeking guidance on marriage, life, business anything in the world. Praying your Namaaz and being in sujood, when you bow your head and your brain is in a position below your heart and if Muslims new the power of Sujood they will never lift their head off the ground. Praying is done in different postures, sitting, standing, kneeling however in Islam we bow down to Allah. No matter what religion you worship.

image (1)

Words are proven powerful that words prove the power over anything. When praying to Allah you should not ask for anything negative for any one. If all prayers came true then the world would be a negative place. In Sujood a Muslim should always ask for forgiveness and to make you into a better Muslim.

photo 2

Congregational prayer carried out by the Imam of the Mosque.

photo 1

Sitting down waiting to begin Namaaz

An individual has to pray five times a day in a Muslims life should be a routine:  

  1. Al-Fajar
  2. Zuhar
  3. Asr 
  4. Magrib
  5. Isha.

Optional prayers are Tahajjud



Leave comments down below for me because I would love to hear your experiences:

Do you pray differently? Where do you pray? Any of your prayers been answered?




Why broken heart can be the cause of death?

The answer has mainly been ‘no you cannot die of a broken heart’ I remember a few years ago my journalistic thinking lead to the question of can you actually die from a broken heart? Proven by scientists in recent research it can now be said that death could be around the corner for those who suffer from a broken heart. It could mean suffering from the following medical problems:

– Hair loss
– Cold and Flu
– Headaches
– Strokes and Heartattackunnamed
– Asthma
– High blood pressure
– Inflamotary Bowel Disease
– Cancer
– Diabetes

Although it may seem that heart attack and all of the above mentioned are quite common medical conditions now a days. Talking from a personal experience knowing that my grandfather shortly passed away from a heart attack after 3 months of my grandmother passing away and now research also has explained that many widows die by being a widow. At the time obviously we knew it was a heart attack but we just didn’t know the cause of it. I know saying that he died from a broken heart but it could just be from the fact that he missed her too much. But I guess we’ll never know.
If you want a healthy life learn to avoid the big stresses that cause you to have a broken heart or the big excitement/shocking news.


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