Great help provided at The Wish Centre.

For 25 years the Wish Centre have dealt with 3000 women from all over Lancashire in 2013 who have been suffering from domestic abuse.

The Wish Centre, helps male or either female who are experiencing domestic abuse. It is a Centre where safety planning, support and an appointment is offered at help.

Rebecca Rose is an Advice worker at the Wish Centre and her job is to provide support to either male or female, in the best and most appropriate way possible. Her job involves her helping families to keep them protected from being harmed, abused and violence occurring towards them.

Workers like Rose helps her clients from ages 30 -40. Rebecca said: “I assist people who walk in to the Wish centre and deal with the presenting risk; I support the students in our organisation and external organisation.”

Rebecca said: “Domestic abuse is sexual, physical, emotional, and financial and affects both men and women. Problems in a relationship can make a situation escalate, however domestic abuse is about power and control.”

She continued: “There are programmes in place for children who have witnessed domestic.”

From the moment when a bad circumstance is reported, the wish centre offered the advice. Rebecca Said:” The first priority is to manage and access the immediate risk – calling the 999, keeping their property secure, we have a sanctuary scheme where we can pay to have their locks changed, we inform then to report and record any harassment to the police.”

She continued: “The Wish centre will carry out a safety plan and a risk assessment.”
Domestic violence is being treated by different members from the wish centre. The Wish Centre receives referrals by people their self, the police, children’s services, children’s centres. Rebecca said. “We work closely with the police to protect victims. We also can offer refuge accommodation to ensure that the victim is in a safe place.”



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