Behind the Scenes of House of trend: Explanatory Blog

The research of this article came to my mind by walking in the town centre in Blackburn and noticing a shop called House Of Trend.

Before entering the shop I could see a range of colourful wigs out on display and wanted to know out of interest what the process of fitting hair extensions and wigs involved and what it was like. Whilst I was waiting to speak to someone, I saw many girls from the age range of 14 and older who were from different ethnic minorities were talking to each other briefly and smiling.

I wanted to speak to someone about this and wanted to know what types of minorities are taking up the culture. I exchanged details with a worker called Tania and asked if she would not mind answering a few questions and whether it would be okay for her to take part in the article. Whilst conducting the interview over a phone call I made notes and took down important quotes.


I researched using the Internet if any other news organisation had covered a news story like this one as I found it quite bizarre to write about, however when I came to find there were articles but there not any articles done with the same angle as mine. I was then certain on what questions I wanted to ask her. Even though she is not someone famous or is not a major matter, my article is informing women and men of all ages who have certain medical conditions that can have hair weaves and extensions.


When asking the questions I did not only want to talk about how it is done, I wanted to know why women get hair extensions done. At first I did not know the type of angle it should be done from. However when I saw that women from different minorities came to buy hair extensions I thought this would make a good angle as it targeted my audience which meant that anyone can read it.  In the interview I also included questions about Tania and how she came in the hair industry.

I experimented with different angles as I did not want it to be about the various types of hair extensions as there are different qualities. However, the article itself would not have been interesting.  I decided to ask questions based upon, how Tania started, why it is done, a definition of how it is done, any medical reasons, what mixed minorities get it done and mainly whether it is a part of the African culture. However Tania told me about the Indian culture which involves shaving their hair off. I researched the web upon this topic.

Overall, I found this idea easy to work with as the location was convenient as it was local and it was not going to be a problem. I found it easier to conduct the interview by having a phone conversation as it was easier for Tania and myself. The story idea is a light-hearted feature and the readers can take it upon their interest. It also provides information to help women who are unaware of what hair extensions are, and it also tells the readers that even women of all minorities with all types of hair can get extensions.


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