Blackburn Student livens up classrooms

A former student of Haslingden High School has been brightening up her old classrooms by painting murals

Haslingden High school is the first school in Lancashire that has taken a new and unique approach to learning.

The school’s aim is to be able to ‘enhance learning’ by informing the students about the importance of history through art. A former student has been asked to liven up classrooms by painting huge colourful murals on the schools walls.

Artist Laura Doherty has been working part time at the school as an ‘Artist in residence’ and has painted five classrooms so far.

At present Laura is painting an art timeline in the Arts corridor.

She said: “I don’t plan on painting the whole school but when I am done with the art corridor, I and going to begin painting the music Corridor.”

The 19 year old has been painting ever since she was eight-years-old.  Doherty is currently studying a foundation degree in art at Blackburn College and will be studying a degree in September at London Art College. 

The murals which have all been painted by Doherty represent different subjects. She has linked the English classrooms to Shakespeare and the history classrooms to WW2 – which was her first ever painting.

She was 16 years old when the history teacher asked her to ‘transform the gloomy walls’ in a work of art. Doherty said “Teachers are asking me all the time to paint in their classroom and give me an idea of what they want so I go away and design a plan. ”

According to teachers in Haslingden High School, students across schools in Lancashire aren’t concentrating enough in the core subjects. Sally Tembo the head of art said: “The murals are a new way which will help the children to concentrate and learn more about a certain subject. Schools in Lancashire definitely need to try this new technique.”

She has inspired many young pupils who stop and chat to her whilst she is busy completing the art corridor. Doherty said: “The visuals will help to create an impact on the children and when they look at my work they will understand that I have spent my time and effort in painting this.”

Doherty is hoping to continue her transformations in classrooms and corridors in the hope to brighten the children’s learning up.


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