Wash your face!

I wouldn’t say this is a routine. The products I use to wash my face are very simple and basic. Something you can find at your local drugstores.

When your mum says don’t mess around with your skin by using harsh products she is right. Leave your skin alone. You need to look after it. From a young age we notice the pimples, spots and blemishes and to hide the unwanted spots we use spot creams.

In this blog post I will share with you the 3 facial washes that help my skin to recover and stay healthy.

Our skin represents how healthy we eat and how healthy we can keep ourselves maintained. All the junk food you eat will be able to show up not yet but later on. There are many other ways we need to keep our skin lively and fresh. What I mean by this do not be lazy and do not ever sleep with your make up on. Whatever harsh chemicals you use on your face affects your liver in certain ways.

I know we all hate washing our makeup faces and want our makeup to last a week nope that can’t ever happen. To have a glowing skin you need to start of by washing away your makeup. What I normally do is make my life easier and remove my makeup using make up removal wipes or makeup remover liquid. However since a couple of years I have stopped using makeup remover as my skin is too sensitive. I find it stings too much on my skin. So what I tend to use is makeup wipes.

If your probably thinking oh it’s only one night. Just remember no amount of makeup can ever hide your natural beauty.

I am so lucky to have a clear skin, this is because I took care of my skin from a young age although there are most of the days I do break out and my spots can be vile however it is easily treated and it isn’t acne or in need of special treatment. You don’t understand I know some girls who do not even wash their face and then complain of the pimples they have erupted with the next morning. Now is your chance to actually get into a habit.

When I do break out I leave my spots alone because I know that’s the right way for me to deal with the spots. One time I used toothpaste on a spot/pimple it was meant to be an easy treatment at home! Not only it got worse but it left a burnt mark. Same with the spot creams.

I use the Garnier 3 in 1 as a clay mask to get rid of any dead skin and to help me to keep my skin clear. However i don’t use it as a scrub daily, I find it can dry out my skin too much. However I wash my face on a daily basis; Morning & night something what we should already be doing, right ?

The clay mask you see above is one of the best drugstore products. Well for me anyways. It has helped me to clear away the dead skin and removes makeup really well. I use it in the morning and every other day. At times you need your natural oils otherwise your skin will dry out too much. It’s made me skin a lot clearer. I use the face mask for 5 mins within those 5 mins you can really feel the mask dry on your skin another way of knowing you need to remove it. It’s an instant and an easy way of giving your self a personal spa treatment. You can see I am squeezing life out of it. Need some more of this !

Tip: Do not get any of this in your eye. It will hurt like hell. But if you do just wash it with warm water.

Above, the clean and clear facial scrub I have been using for some time. Again it is one of the best products as it has lightened my skin tone evenly and it can be used as a daily scrub. It’s easy to exfoliate with as it includes the bursting beads. And smells so refreshing. I need to purchase some more !

However, I purchased another clean and clear facial scrub, the scrub below should not be used at night because for some reason me and my sister have both tried it at night and it certainly keeps us both refreshed at night. Therefore I only use it in the morning. There isn’t much difference that I have felt from the yellow one. In fact it is similar.

Obviously these products have worked for me but may not work for you.

Tip: Test any face wash product on your neck or side of your face to see if you will suit it.


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