The One Plus About Wearing A Hijab.

Many Muslim women all over the world choose to cover their heads, cover their heads in a different style or wear a niqaab. You ask what is a hijab? For those of you who don’t know Hijab is a term also known as a headscarf. It is basically covering your hair with a scarf. The scarves can be any colour and any pattern, you choose. It is worn for religious reasons, as Muslim women have to be able to reach a high standard of modesty and piety and it is another way to attain the blessings of God Almighty.

Being a Muslim shines upon the relationship between the body and mind. Muslims also believe that wearing of the outer garments and veiling of the body leads to veiling of the heart and shielding it from impure thoughts. 

Hijab Fashion. 

There really isn’t any point of wearing a headscarf if you can’t cover up properly. The western fashion is a great way to create a hijab friendly outfit. You know what the real deal is when you start wearing a hijab? It gives you a chance to really figure out how to layer up and to understand the fact what will look better with your scarf. Even before when I started to wear the hijab I reckon my dressing up sense was conservatively. But when you do start to wear the hijab you have to understand that you can’t offend anyone else by what you are wearing. I know we shouldn’t really dress up to make others happy but therefore we should dress up so you can inspire and make yourself happy with your outfit. Of course any Muslim girl who wears the hijab can refer to my feelings we all want to throw on shorts and a tank top and walk out of the house looking fabulous like that. But that is a big NO!

Just remember why you chose your hijab friendly outfit in the first place. Every time I buy a top or a pair of jeans I always have to think is the neck a bit to low or is it a bit too tight. Not because I’m going to go out to impress the society, I personally just wouldn’t feel comfortable going out with a low neck top. You are right the Hijab isn’t easy especially when the weather gets a bit to hot and it hits over 23 degrees. I will always be happy with why I made the decision to wear the hijab. It just reminds me what the bad hair days can now equal to the good outfit days I will have. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post thanks for reading. 


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