What high school taught me & Advice for newbies.

High school is a time of your life when you will step into a world and kind off get lost. At first so much confusion, new people, new area, new teachers & new surroundings to get use to. You just don’t know when it will be over. Once you are settled you will not want to leave!

I left high school in 2011, my school ‘Beardwood Humanities College’ was shut down soon after I left due to it being sold to another school. (It’s complicated and sometimes I don’t understand why it happened) As much as I disliked going to school at first but I admit I do miss it.

Back to school advice:

High school can be either a negative or a positive experience. It can either show you how people can be so evil and horrible. As horrible as it sounds believe me it will teach you a lot about how petty drama is created and can be created. There are many things I learnt in high school but I will keep this short and sweet since we all like sweet things… 😉

Don’t be popular.

Being popular doesn’t matter, growing up in high school I had many different kinds of friends, from loud to quiet from confident to over confident and some who were reserved.

Growing up I never thought that ‘oh I want to be popular’ I want to be known in a high school.

No I was different into thinking omg I don’t want many friends. Although I am a confident person, but all that confidence came from the people who always found a way to cause drama in my life. It’s better not to be popular. Trust me. Daft as this sounds but for those of you who are finding ways to become popular. Just think what would popularity cost me and where would I be after leaving high school? Imagine you go in to college and you say to a new group of friends. Not in so many words; but you say something like ‘I was popular in school.’ They will laugh in your face so think, what does this do for me.

For those of you who have already left high school and got bullied, girl/guys who caused drama in your life. Ask yourself this question what is their life and where are they right now? Your answer is probably I don’t know or omg nowhere. Ask your mum, or siblings. where are your friends from high school right now?

There will be girls who will try to hate on you just because you don’t follow their ways. I mean you shouldn’t anyways. Remember friends will come and go. Friends won’t just fall out of the sky and sit and hold your hand right beside you when things go down hill. Girls who dislike you will treat you like crap and will call you names. They will try to ruin your friendship with other people. Stand up for yourself. Don’t take anyone’s crap because you don’t deserve it. Just remember at the end of the day you will be out of that high school and you need to show them how successful you can be… You might think at the time ‘she’s so cool’ and ‘I’m a nobody’. You will look back and think.. Actually you won’t think about those so cool people when you are successful. You will remember that I went to high school, I made great friends, got my self good grades and I have more doors opened for me.

School is fun.

I know the above advice seems like a tonne of bricks have just fallen on you and you don’t want to go to school. Much as bad high school can be it can also be a fun time in your life. You’ll meet people who are so nice and will be there in 5 years just depends how smooth your friendship was in high school. There was a part of me that I loved going to high school. I loved learning I loved the excitement of learning. My favourite subjects were English, history, r.e and i.t. I worked hard in school, went to college and now I’m currently in the 2nd year of university.

To get here it wasn’t easy. Easy things don’t come just like that you have to work hard it’s a fighting battle but it will be worth it in the end once you are qualified.

If you want to make friends make friends go ahead and join a club in school that is the best way to make friends. In my high school making friends throughout the five years was a breeze. I mixed in with a lot of different girls. Talked and socialised with different people. It’s easy to make friends but at the same time if you are shy and you want friends it won’t work you need to start talking, try and make friends.

Skipping classes. Is a big no!

I probably sound like your parent or guardian by now. Don’t do this don’t do that.

I won’t be hypocritical and say I didn’t skip lesson once when I did. I did not skip lesson many times in a row. But now I look back and think I was so stupid to miss lessons when It would have been more fun to attend class instead of hiding away in the back of the school. Sadly it was cool at the time and I did learn from my mistake so that’s why no skipping lessons!

You want good grades don’t you so educate yourself, stay engaged with the teachers , talk to them they don’t bite, be friendly, don’t bully others , go to the best college and get a good job in a career you will enjoy.

Take interest in what the teachers teach you, find a hobby that keeps your mind of anything. Don’t spend your time being online on social networking sites when you have coursework, assignments, or deadlines to hit.

Don’t procrastinate get your work done ASAP so you are able to spend time with your friends & family.


I know this post has made high school sound like it being a bitter experience but this is only from what I have seen and a bit of my own experience. The rest is advice.

I hope you have enjoyed reading. Stay tuned in for more. Any advice leave it in the comments below.


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