What does education mean in today’s society?

Finding out in the city of Preston whether or not education means something and not just being famous. What does success mean in today’s society when TV shows like I Am A Celebrity, Made in Chelsea and Only Way Is Essex expresses that being famous is the only way of achieving in life?

Sara Patel aged 17 a student at Preston College said: “My opinion is that being famous is the route to success as you are in a way getting paid to be famous”

Tom Joyce, 19: “I am paying tuition loans to study at university where as reality TV is only entertainment based and is less of a struggle. I wouldn’t mind being famous.”

Jasmin Hussain, 24 an assistant teacher, Blackburn said: “To me education is a way to success by learning through different routes.” She also added that: “Being famous means everything to the reality TV stars because that’s the only way people will get to know them. For example; Made in Chelsea you know who the stars are for example viewers wouldn’t have known who Lucy Watson is if you hadn’t watched made in Chelsea.”

30 year old Andrew Jonson, father of two said: “I don’t have time for these entertainment programmes as I am a full time taxi driver.”

Sophia Khan nail technician aged 27: “Education these days has no meaning it just means that they should provide entertainment.” She also added: “It is a good distraction after having a stressful day at work.”

Melissa Jones aged 14: “I watch these shows and think how do people open so much about their personal life on television and make it out like its entertainment.”

Mother of one, Karla Smith: “Too much fame and money can drive a person mad look what happened to Miley Cyrus. To me education is the way forward as there will be other reality TV but with education you can do anything.”

Kirsty Shaw said “If I had talent I would have defiantly considered going into Britain’s got Talent. However reality TV is a waste of time.”




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