Vision Board

Vision Board

Vision Board

Have free time? Why not consider yourself to make a vision board?

3 years ago I entered a competition by making a vision board. In that vision board I achieved mostly everything that I personally created by magazine cutouts. And I started doing this every year as new year means new resolutions it’s just something to look forward to really.  However by the end of this post I may have persuaded you to create a vision board maybe online or personally done.

I wouldn’t call a vision board a dream board. But always remember:

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs. – Tony Gaskins

With all the new year resolutions and changes you are willing to make through out the year can be put onto a vision board. There’s no need to mess about to create your vision board.

 Why not do this by signing up onto:

Your vision board is your own way to easily plan out your future as it gives you an insight to what you would like to accomplish within the year.

 Your vision board should consist of 3 things:
  • Like
  • Want
  • Avoid

It can be to loose weight or to avoid junk food you could just make a vision board to keep your self motivated. The vision board is another way to feel happy or create a simple fun lifestyle!


At the end of the year you can maybe look back at what achievements you have made. Whatever you have achieved will be the reason for your happiness and whatever you have not achieved you can make sure to try to achieve it the following year.



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