Why broken heart can be the cause of death?

The answer has mainly been ‘no you cannot die of a broken heart’ I remember a few years ago my journalistic thinking lead to the question of can you actually die from a broken heart? Proven by scientists in recent research it can now be said that death could be around the corner for those who suffer from a broken heart. It could mean suffering from the following medical problems:

– Hair loss
– Cold and Flu
– Headaches
– Strokes and Heartattackunnamed
– Asthma
– High blood pressure
– Inflamotary Bowel Disease
– Cancer
– Diabetes

Although it may seem that heart attack and all of the above mentioned are quite common medical conditions now a days. Talking from a personal experience knowing that my grandfather shortly passed away from a heart attack after 3 months of my grandmother passing away and now research also has explained that many widows die by being a widow. At the time obviously we knew it was a heart attack but we just didn’t know the cause of it. I know saying that he died from a broken heart but it could just be from the fact that he missed her too much. But I guess we’ll never know.
If you want a healthy life learn to avoid the big stresses that cause you to have a broken heart or the big excitement/shocking news.


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